i'm still reading KYank's article about sessions and, at some point, in the accesscontrol script, he wrote, just above the </body> tag:
PHP Code:
<p>Your user ID or password is incorrect, or you are not a
       registered user on this site. To try logging in again, click
       <a href="<?=$PHP_SELF?>">here</a>. To register for instant
       access, click <a href="signup.php">here</a>.</p>
I used that on my page.
The problem is that the a href does NOT point to the very same page, as $PHP_SELF suggests. Actually, i tried printing $PHP_SELF and prints...nothing!
Note: i use this script as an include; if my page's url is http://mysite/mypage.php, when i hoover the link 'here', it points to http://mysite/. That's the puzzling thing!