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    GOOD international forms...

    Often if you want to download something of a major company, or subscribe for whatever reason, you have to give your address, country, state,...

    This thread assumes I give the correct information
    There's always a nice drop down menu in wich I can select Belgium as my country. But there's always a state dropdown menu as well, and a lot of times there's no option 'other country' in that...

    So when I submit it sais I have to fill in a state, and a correct zip code...

    What I don't understand, this are big companies and they even give a country dropdown, so why do you still have to give a US state???
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    I have to agree. I think that this shows a great deal of ignorance on the part of the companies in question.

    The web does NOT consist entirely of Americans (no offence, Stateside people! ), although by visiting some of these major company's websites, you would think it was.


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