I'm not a stranger to the business of websites, I made many during my college days only 1 of which really made any real money (advertising only). I then sold that site once I was moving into the student teaching phase of my education and now I am an educator who has built a site that is a place for middle grades math teachers to get engaging math lessons for their classroom.

I was wondering if I could pick your brains for the best way to monetize it.


I'm looking at an August launch date. The site design is pretty much done, I am just working on adding the content right now. I currently just have an ad banner on each page.

I figured the two solutions would be either ad-based or subscription based - am I missing an option?

Subscriptions would probably be something like $15 a year or $130 a year for a school building.

Or advertising - i might be able to squeeze 2 banners on per page - maybe even 3...

My problem also comes down to - I can't really promote myself with the subscription model - just the site. Where if I just do the advertising model, i could also use the site to promote myself and possibly work up lectures and consultation in curriculum design. Is this not true?

So in your opinion, subscription, advertising, or am I missing something? Also, if I go with subscription, do you think I am correct that it would be more difficult to promote myself as opposed to an advertising model. Thanks for any replys.