Hello all,

Today I stumbled on to the reality of accessibility and the advantages of starting to use CSS to control the design of my page. I want to start building my page following these rules but I'm a little confused.

It seems that DIVs are the prefered "placeholder" for content. I might be wrong but if this is so, then there will be a LOT of DIV tags in my code. Right?

You see, my layout has (or used to have) the following structure as it would apear on the browser:
  • A table with the header.
  • A table with a banner-like image (no ads in my site)
  • A table with the main menu which itself is composed of a table with three columns for the three main sections of the site.
  • A table with the content which may or may not contain its own tables.
  • A table with the footer.

As you can see, a lot of tables. One of the reasons I have that many tables instead of having one with more rows is that the browser renders the table after it has loaded completely. Dividing the content into different tables gives the illusion of faster downloads.

I'd like to start designing the right way from now but are DIVs the best option?

Simple DIVs don't render right in Dreamweaver.

<div class="stage"><p>Hello</p></div>
My stage class specifies that this div should be 700px wide and have an image as a background. It renders right in the browser but forget about it in DW. Is there a workaround?