Hello all, I have a question for all of you RoR vets.

I'm front-end developer, very familiar with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (and a little PHP/MySQL) who is looking to get started with RoR. This is where my dilemma arises.

I bought the first edition of sitepoint's RoR book a while ago, and I am ashamed to admit that I never had a free chance to get through any meaty part of it. Clients can be demanding and suck up all my time! So I am wondering if I would be better off picking up a new book that covers Rails 2 or could I still learn a lot from the book I already have. I have no problem getting a newer copy of this book (or a different book, if anyone can recommend one), but I hate that the copy I have would go to waste.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!