Hi all

Everything I've learned over the years comes down to "stay away from tables" unless maybe displaying some tabular data, I've recently started using Joomla an open source CMS, but I'm finding it very hard to customize any of the templates to display pure css, side bars menus, footer etc use <div>'s but as soon as I display any blog, or article related stuff the tables kick in.

My main concern here is how all the content in the database gets seen by the user-agent, I currently have a site of a PR 4 in googles SERP which I hard coded in DW, this is the site I'm trying to convert over to Joomla and very worried I might lose any ranking. It just doesn't feel right using tables, all the hard work to meet standards etc

1. Is it ok to use tables in this type of situation?
2. How will it effect my ranking?


Stay away form this CMS it's just going to cause you problems?

Just so you know it's about 70&#37; pure CSS and 30% tables.

Thanks any views much appreciated