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    Table formatting problem in Firefox 3

    I am having problems viewing a table-formatted e-newsletter correctly in the newest version of Firefox. It is formmated with tables within a container table. It views fine in IE and older versions of Firefox. The problem is the right floated table, that is supposed to align to the right of another table like columns is being bumped down below the first imbedded table.

    Please see the attached screen shots of the newsletter viewed correctly in an older version of Firefox, and incorrectly in Firefox 3. Sitepoint won't allow me to post the URL.

    I have searched high and wide on the web for others that have had this problem, and haven't found anything about it. It just arose recently with the release of Firefox 3.

    I know divs and CSS is the optimal way to go for formatting, but unfortunately with the email newsletter we have to stick with the tables.

    Any help or insight appreciated. Thanks!
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