I have created a php page where I can browse for and upload mp3 (sermons) to our website (lets call this page A). I have also put together a page (page B) where it loops through the database and displays the mp3 files in xml format with an .htaccess file to make the php page show up as an rss feed.

I have registered with iTunes and they have accepted my submission for my podcast but have said that if my files do not show up immediately I can click on a link and 'ping' the iTunes server to refresh the feed. This link opens a new window communicating that the pinging process is taking place or something.

My question is, does anyone know of a way that I can have my page A php file go to that pinging url in the background without the user knowing about it or seeing a new window open because they're not going to know what they're looking at and then they would have to close an extra window. Let me know your thoughts.

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