I’m creating a custom (dynamic) ASP dot Net ecommerce website and I would like to update the content (e.g. title tag, text, links, etc.) at any time. I do not want to have to modify code for these specific changes, reinstall the web app and then bounce the server each time I change content.

As an example, lets say I have a Sony LCD and an image and link of this television on the television product page and I get notice that Sony is coming out with a new line of LCDs. I don’t want to have to manually change the page, recompile, and start and stop the server just to add the new line of LCDs (will be doing things like this when our SEO campaign changes on specific pages).

In addition, once the information of the “new LCDs” are available to the website, I would hope the next time a visitor comes to the site, the “new LCDs” links and images show up. Meaning I would like this to be instantaneous.

Also, for the available solutions I don’t want to affect performance of the web page load times.

Should I create an in-house app that uses XML or can a CMS do this for me or is there a better solution?