As a student learning CSS and Photoshop (3-4 years experience), I am always salivating over websites that have that look and feel that I love. A recent website has definetly caught my attention. The website is street-fashion . net and I would love if someone could please just give me a few pointers on how to effectively copy this design. Even if you told me exactly how and I had to do research to get the tools, thats more than helpful. I have Dreamweaver MX and Photoshop / GIMP / Fireworks. I have 4-5 years experience with photoshop, so doing the layout should (i hope)be a fly. If its only image splicing and linking that should be okay. The hard part is the html and css. If anyone would like to give me a list of things that I need / applications to be an effective stealer that would be super cool. THANKS !