I'm programming a Flashcard interface for my website. First, users are displayed a list of words with checkboxes next to each. They can check which words they wish to view in the Flashcard interface.

It currently works with only this functionality, but I want to expand on it so that users have different options. For example, they can check the words and then view them in the Flashcard interface. Or, they could check words and save them to a custom list.

The only way I can think of doing this currently is to have a simple drop down / combo box for "view cards" or "save to list" and a single submit button. On the processing page, I then check the value of the drop down and use standard conditionals.

This would work, but there is also a fair amount of programming involved. I would like to separate the two actions into separate files to make organization easier. Furthermore, if I add additional actions, such as 'printable version' then the script would become even longer. It would be better to be able to break each action into separate scripts.

Is it possible to have multiple submit buttons and submit the data to different locations depending on the submit button clicked? This seems like it would be the most user friendly method. Simply have the words with checkboxes and then one button for each action, each leading to a location for that given action.