Hi guys

I am creating a site which allows people to upload images of there properties together with details of their properties. I have successfully created an screen where the property details can be altered but I am having proplems with the images. I allow 5 pictures. This is a snippet from the admin page. it checks to see if the database holds an image and if it does it echo's the image. If not it displays a box to browse for a picture. The problem is, if there is an image and it is being displayed how do I transfer the details of that image to my updat_ac.php page.

PHP Code:
if (strlen($pic) > 0) {  
echo "<img src=http://www.propertyadsdirect.com/images/{$rows['pic']}>";
echo '<a href="delete_image.php?id='.$rows['pic'].' id2='.$rows['username'].'"><img src=http://www.propertyadsdirect.com/images/delete.gif></a><br>';

else {
<label>Photograph 1: </label><input type="file" name="photo_1" /><br />
Any pointers would be helpful