data in myTable1

(id) country
(1) America
(2) Korea
(3) France
(4) German
(5) China
(6) German
(7) Canada
I have data in myTable1 like the above.

Record (4) and record(6) has same value "german"

"German" is doubling values.

I should remove one of german or modify one of german to another new country.

So I like to check doubling values.
I can check doubling value by finding the same country value is existed in another record while a query is turning in server language(in my case ColdFusion).

But I want to know that there is a database(SQL) way to find doubling values?

The code below doesn't work correctly, but it will show what I want.

would-be code

select id, country
from myTable1
where any doubling values
order by id

target result

(4) German
(6) German