I'm a total novice, clueless guy who's "operated" packersinsider dotcom for a year and a half.
I designed it and it was hosted/launched for me my some shady company called microshar dotcom.

All of a sudden a few weeks back, the site won't even load for me, gives me that error Loading XML failed. I cannot even log into ADMIN this thing.

The same issue results from going to the site on my wife's 2 computers and my mom's computer so I know it's not just my computer messed up.

However, my friend in Seattle who does web stuff, and another person I just asked today, say it loads just fine for them. The Seattle guy says it works just fine in both his browsers, explorer and firefox I think. I only know exlporer anyway.

Any explanations from you smart people?
I personally would love to get the site away from where it's being hosted because of microshar. Bad choice I made there in the first place.