I have a strange situation. I want to have a create_user form w/ all the fields blank

When I call the create_user method, the corresponding create_user.html.erb form is displaying the first
record's data from the user table in the form fields

Here's a quick view of my form:

<% form_tag('create_user') do -%>
   <%=hidden_field("user", "id") %> (<%=params[:id] %>)
   <p><label for="fname">First Name</label><br/>
    <%=text_field("user", "fname") %></p>
   <p><label for="lname">Last Name</label><br/>
    <%=text_field("user", "lname") %></p>
  <%=submit_tag("Create") %> 
<% end -%>
When that form loads, it is populated w/ the First and last name from the first user record in the db.

Anyway around this - I've tried everything I can think of.