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    Converting Latin1 -> UTF8

    So I'm trying to convert this database which was initially setup as Latin-1 (dbms is MySQL 4). The characters being stored were typed in as Cyrillic ( Russian, Windows-1251 ) - when I view the data straight in the db it's just a bunch of gibberish, and these are being output on the frontend as windows-1251 and that's the only encoding which is readable.

    I've tried using iconv which is a unix command to convert the output of my db ( .sql file ) from LATIN1 to UTF8 and it just ends up in even further gibberish. Tried selecting WINDOWS-1251 to UTF8 and it just fails completely.

    Can someone recommend some piece of software I can use for either Windows or *nix? I'm open to anything, even if I have to fully convert or use PostgreSQL or SQLite.
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    I had a similar problem (LATIN2 -> UTF8), iconv didn't work correctly.
    In the end I used phpmysql export and import in another mysql. (when you do export/import there are options for selecting encoding).


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