Hello all!

I not a noob to web design but having said that have taken a few years off and have been producing designs for mainly print. I created a design for my bro-in-law's business that he liked. I have it mostly built out to pages. I ended up using tables for layout. I know bad designer. But I got tired of trying to get a CSS layout to work and went back to what worked to keep the html as close to the psd. So anyways, the design has a small chrome/metal frame around the page that needs to expand vetically as the content grows. I used a 1 px tile to achive this. I then set the tile as a background image in a table cell. this seemed to work fine. I'm using Dreamweaver CS4. The site renders as expected in the live site view in DW and Safari 3/webkit. When I view it in Firefox 3/gecho based browsers (ie Flock 2) or IE 6/7 the tiles don't completly fill the extended area and the design breaks. I don't know what is causing this. Any help is appeciated. A sample can be viewed here. The tiles are at the bottom and are 1px high starting just above the bottom horizontal frame.