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    Storing a Session in a Database...

    Hi -

    (sorry this thread is called test, i was having trouble posting and called it that and then it posted...)

    I am having trouble using The PHP Anthology's DatabaseSession class. I saw the old post 'PDO/database session class code'. I was having the same error as that individual, only my PDO was set up correctly, but I was not initializing $this->db on line 155.

    I fixed that by inserting the code from dbsession.php (and the require_once: 'DatabaseSession.class.php'; line) into access.php:

    This got rid of the "line 155" error when DatabaseSession.class.php was called, and the code does run. However, it does not start a session in the MySQL database I have set up for sessions.

    I have no idea how to troubleshoot this and am at quite a loss. Can anyone offer some suggestions on how I can troubleshoot storing sessions in a MYSQL database?

    Thanks in advance.
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