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    Smile Questions about Web Design Fields

    Hi there everybody,

    I am seeking to develop both my product as a freelance/business developer as well define my role and career. If you have some time to give advise your input would be valuable.

    The guidance I have received from a number of sources suggests that I should follow my talents and use them in a market that has need for them. Personally I like designing the web product: it's visual design, the proper inclusion of technologies, the audience reaction, the final results. I largely am talented in visual design, and project management. My skill set is at a minimal understanding of HTML and CSS. I can follow models, receive guidance, and implement.

    What I find myself wanting to learn and implement more is the visual impact as well as the content development. I don't really want to learn all the technical languages and their application, but would rather be informed as to their use and guide others to the development of the product. Style, design, and user interaction and reaction is my main concern.

    My thoughts are that I would like to pursue being a business developer, developing a useable product and overseeing the creation of these products. I feel I should rather become familiar with the technologies and contract out for these services. So I conclude that I would probably serve more as administrator with a major in front end development.

    Does any body have insight to the markets that are developing and have suggestion as to how to pursue this and if it should be pursued. I am trying to determine how I should educate and implement in service that knowledge given marketability.

    Ultimately I am trying to decide what role I should develop in the web development environment.

    Any input is definitely desired!

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    If you are going into business developement, you will need experience and a track record of innovation and success. Networking is also a key part of the position. Most of it is talking a good game. The roles you have discussed above sound more like project management and product development
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    If that's what you like, then that's what you should do.

    I think that there is definately a market for what you want to do, futhermore I think that big marketing and advertising companies use that kind of skill you have. Also, software companies in their testing phases or while developing GUIs may use them too.

    The only thing is that, if you are going to be a freelancer and dedicate yourself to the web business, you need to make sure that you build a good team to compensate the skills you don't have.

    You need to have a minimum of knowledge about technical stuff in order to be able to evaluate what you will need to develope each site, and who will be the person that should help you in each project.

    Knowledge about marketing and business help, of course, and good networking will make you succeed.

    Sites like LinkedIn could help you (a social networking tool such as facebook but more directed to the business world).

    You can also search information about people with the same skills you have, and look where they work. This will help you to know which type of company is using these type of skills and then you will be able to "market" yourself to them.


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