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    Flash site structure guidence

    Hello All,

    Im creating a new site and im thinking before i get myself into a mess (unsual i know).

    The site im envisioning has about five pages, however each has their own complex in and out animation when you click on them. My question is how can I make it so the in and out animation plays evertime even when going from link to link. For example clicking about to contact I want the about to play its out animation and the contact to wait until its done (not long) then play the in animation for the new page. How can i do this? What is the best way to structure the timeline?

    Can i make an IF statement that says if any of the other pages are on a certain frame then they should play their out animation? How would i do this?

    Thanks so much!

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    Each page has an 'in' animation set of frames, a static stop frame and an 'out' set of frames. On the last frame of the out section, have an action gotoAndPlay(nextPage);
    On the first frame of every 'in' section name the frame e.g for a contact page call it 'contact'.
    In the navigational controls, have each button set a value for nextPage

    nextPage = "contact";;

    So the out ward animation of the current page plays then switches to the inward animation of the next page selected.


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