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    Newbie help with changing movie_clip frames w/ button

    I'm trying to follow the tutorial listed here:

    Now I have two problems... if I compile this under AS 3.0 it endlessly loops between the frames... with compile errors, and being a noob I'm not really sure how to solve this.

    Guessing by the date of the tutorial, CS4 is probably too ahead for it, so I tried to change it to AS 2.0 and Flash Ver. 9/8 and still no luck. The basic problem is that the next and previous buttons don't work for me.

    I've attached my project below. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can point out where I eff'd up.


    Feel free to download it here:
    Sites: Geek Blog -

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    First off, i couldn't open your attached file so i can't really give you a descent answer.
    But you mentioned that you complied this to AS3? Did you mean you retyped the Actionscript from AS2 to AS3?? All the actionscript in that tutorial is in actionscript 2.0 (AS2)

    If you have recoded all the actionscript to AS3 then can you paste it in here so i can see it!


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