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    Red face humble request for a little design channeling and help

    I don't have much to write,
    I know all these tuts and css beauties sites but when it comes to real work I often find myself to be all thumbs.
    So here is my pagesnip></snip>
    As you can see it's not very "inspiring" design, not professional at all.
    So I implore one or two of you, design gurus to give me some tips

    It will be a psychology social network site.


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    Hello, Greg.

    Make your Website's graphics (colors, shapes, textures, effects) neat and Professional. Make sure distances from your buttons,Links banners links are correct. Design your website so it fits all screen resolutions. (Even Mobile,PDA Devices) Create a design that's easy to the eye. Having bright colors and big font size typography is a big no no. Design your website so that it goes along with what your aimed visitor's are targeted for.(Psychology) Alway's make sure your website is 100% valid across all Major Browser's. Find a color scheme that fits your website and stick with it. Make sure your loading time on your website is a low as it can get so Dial-up User's dont have to wait a long time loading your website page. Accessibility and Usability, are a big part of your website design. The use of white space left on your page. Dont bombard your website with alot of images,backgrounds, colorful font's.

    Look for inspiration. Look at other other (Psychology) websites. And gain lots of ideas and build on to them with your image-editing software.

    Heres some resources on How to Design your website.

    Blake Tallos - Software Engineer for Sanctuary
    Software Studio, Inc. C# - Fanatic!

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    I have removed the link because you should post in the Review Forum for specific design advice on your site.

    However I have left the thread open so that you can discuss design strategies etc to help you improve your skills.

    Please therefore keep discussions in the forums and not continued privately as the thread becomes useless to anyone else reading

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