Today, I just received "A" from Ruby on Rails grad class

So, w/ that being said. I just want to share my opinion and see if you agree or point out my misconceptions.

1. For a beginner programmer who's learning OO concept... Ruby will only make him go
The reason is that Ruby allows to add/remove/modify function on existing Classes, such as String/Integer/etc... and you can do that anywhere in the code. Of course, this gives great flexibility to improve existing Class available w/ new functions. But, overall you should extend the class and not change the class itself. Of course, Ruby also allows inheritance but I can easily see noobie programmers easily abusing this feature. Basically, put everything in String class and throw out OO pattern. Still, I'm not saying Java is greater than PHP or vice versa. Just saying Ruby shouldn't be the first language they should learn. Imagine them going from Ruby to Java or Ruby to .NET..they'll be thinking.. why can't I add more methods in String class damn it!! I put entire logic into that class! now I gotta write multiple classes to do the same? OO pattern? What?? hm.. hopefully you guys see my point. I think if you go from Java to Ruby, you'll be a lot efficient programmer.

2. Horrible IDE Support for Ruby
This can be debatable since some swears that notepad is enough for them. But, I'm on the IDE boat. I want to be able to write/test/run my codes in a single Application. As far as running the server, very good! debugging, very good! coding assistants, it sux! yes it gives general syntax help in case your lazy finger slipped a letter. But, when you press "." then a dropdown shows up w/ available methods on that class ... hm~~ it's confusing at best. I'd say about 50% of the methods available are not even suppose to be there. Sometimes, there's a method to that Class but it won't even show up. I can see why IDE can't figure it out, it's because Ruby is a scripting language.

3. Passing "bloc" as an argument
I played w/ this for a project. Not heavily but just to get a taste. I know everyone is trying to create codes that can be "reusable" as much as possible. But, I think it's crossing the line when you're passing the code as an argument. I have seen some use like getting a list of something inside some collections or printing each of them and etc... I'm sure there are programmers who like these feature. But, for me... this was the strangest thing I've ever seen. If I can pass code around then why have OO pattern at all... It's kind of like saying I'm architecting a building but people can walk through walls..then what's the point of architecting? I think w/ good OO design you shouldn't need to pass codes to a method

4. Taking "as is" for RoR plugin
Man~ there are zillion plugin for this guy. It's really good. Like adding digg features, do auto-complete ajax, attachment, and etc... Certainly, if you use these plugins as instructed and fits your requirement than it's super awesome. However, let say your requirements can satisfy 90% using this plugin but 10% you gotta do it somehow. I asked this to my professor and he said, well source code is always there, you can edit it yourself. I think this defeats the purpose of using the plugin. If I'm gonna read someone else's code, mind as write my own..and chances are it'll be quicker that way. Also, some plugin won't work w/ latest RoR and some will not work on Windows

5. Ruby hating on Windows
I don't see a reason why certain functions work on windows and some unix. Why? programming language should be OS platform neutral. I now about 99% of ruby stuff is windows compatible but some are not! I'm sure you guys would know more then I do. I even heard some students that his program runs fine on Mac but not on Windows... this didn't sound so good for me

Ok I think I'm done evaluating Ruby and feel free to bash me. By all means, I didn't write this thread to say Ruby on Rails sucks. I see more positive then negative. I do like everything in 1 package to do the web application.