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    Creating image from flash movie

    Righteo...todays problem

    I'm creating a design-your-own program for, wait for it, handbags!!

    What I'd like to do at the end of the process is export an image of the handbag as a jpg/png/gif to be saved onto the server. So the customer can see the finished product as an item in their basket, and so our client can see exactly how the customer designed the bag to look.

    I've done a bit of googling and found one Quasimondo script (I'm not able to post the link....) however I'm not sure its perfectly suitable for this application, and has a healthy price tag....:P

    Any input or suggestions welcome


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    Their are two ways you can approach this - capture a movieclip to a bitmap and then encode and transfer to the server (as in the quasimondo example) or alternatively create the image entirely serverside by only sending the control data (e.g which style,colour etc has been selected) across to the server and then compositing images and text e.g using imagemagick. The first method has the downside that it's pretty slow as a lot of binary data has to be parsed and transferred, there's a limitation of image resolution before it becomes unweildy. The second method requires more work on the serverside coding but is a lot faster for the user.


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