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    Bolt on existing PHP script to my WP site?


    I've built a PHP script that allows people to add and edit property listings on a web site.

    A client has asked if the same software could be bolted on to their existing WP installation so they can do it all through the wp-admin. Is this possible?

    Where would I begin?


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    I guess the first place would be WordPress. Once you know how to write a plugin you can create the ACP to interact with the database. If each listing is a "post", then you shouldn't need to do too much, if any, template hacking to display them.

    There may be some tutorials on plugin writing, but I learned by studying other plugins after skimming the codex to get familiar with terms and definitions. True, you may end up learning some less than best practice coding, but it's a start that will give a feel for how things work. Keep referencing the codex (not the most pleasant experience perhaps) to make sure you're doing things correctly and as efficiently as possible (i.e. use WP core functions when they're available).


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