hi guys i've been coding for like 12 years or so, and finally took the plunge into creating css based layouts rahter than tables and after many months of studying i re-designed my site today and validated it via validator_w3_org and finally got a pass.

but here's the thing - i use php includes to dynamically rotate banner hosting code from a few banner exchanges so i earn banner impressions in multiple banner exchanges but only display one at a time on my site.

i've noticed that my site fails when the banners load, i'm using 2 exchanges and they each generate 2 seperate amount of errors.

since i'm including them and they are not hard-coded into my page does it matter that my site doesn't validate when i include them?

i.e. is it better not to include them since they make my site stop validating?

i'll probably leave them running as they help me advertise my site and my site validates if they are left out.

what are your thoughts on this matter?

keep the 'widgets' or remove them?

i can easily run my own ads that would validate, but i'd lose out
on having my banners display on those networks.

thanks for responding.