I have some AJAx cod which behave very awkward..

I have some submit code which i submit the value to a page.

Here is what i do:

i have a form and input type text named as firstname..

then i have button as:

<input type="button" name="abc" onClick="doForm()">

Here is my Script Code:

doForm = function()
ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm('formName', page.cfm', myCB3, myError3);
myCB3 = function(resp){
var msgDiv = document.getElementById('message');
msgDiv.innerHTML = resp;

myError3 = function(sc,msg){
alert('Error!!! ' +sc +' '+msg);

Then i use <div> tag to display the error or success message as:

<div id="message"></div>

on my Page.cfm i have something like this:

<cfif form.firstname IS 0>
Err! Please enter first name
query stuff
Done!!! entereted successfully

What it do is it loads something the message in the div and sometime it don't.

I have firebug enabled and when it does not show me that it has executed..

i open firebug and see its response. i see the message there.

is something wrong i am doing..

Please show me a way guys.