I currently design and build websites for my clients. When the client wants something more than a static HTML website I normally outsource this to a web developer. My programming skills (eg PHP) are not great, in fact, non-existent. I prefer to concentrate on the front-end. However, I'm finding this kind of method slows me down. It also means having to rely on others which hasn't gone too well in the past. I've looked into using WebAssist - which might help with certain areas - like CMS or e-cart. Does anybody know if this is a good option or is there other software out there that is better than this. I use Dreamweaver so I guess I need to be looking at Dreamweaver extensions. Or should I stick with the real-life web developers.

What's your opinion? Are there any other front-end designers out there who have experience of using off the shelf products that can help them create more dynamic websites?