Hi all,
I would like to create a form page that I will be able to collect a lot of information from the user. But I would like the form to look something like this:

Model # [             ]              Serial # [                      ]
Room # [             ]              Tracking # [                    ]
Each [ ] is one field. I would like to have two fields lined up on one line instead of everything looks like this:
Model # [             ]              
Serial # [                      ]
Room # [             ]             
Tracking # [                    ]
When it gets submitted to email, I would also like it to be in the format where two fields are on one line. Is it possible? I have tried so many different free php form generators and even attempt to modify some.. but due to my lack of php knowledge, I keep failing :/ I need to get it done as soon as possible =|

I like this php form gen very much, but I can't line them up: http://phpformgen.com

I have also tried to modify the form from http://www.thesitewizard.com/wizards/feedbackform.shtml

But both are hard for me Is there any form generator or easy to modify form scripts that I can use? Please help, thanks in advance.