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    What is better as Enterprise Application?

    Me and a coworkers are having an argument. I am a designer and she is a programmer. I say that Dreamweaver is the standard for designing and creating websites. After all, it's for designers and programmers a like. However, she insists that Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 is better and in fact used by all the big corporations. She insists that it is used most for "enterprise applications."

    I really don't know. I'm thinking that they might be used together; the design end on Dreamweaver and the programming end on Visual Studio.

    What is your thought on this? If you had to name the biggest "enterprise application" which would it be?


    By the way, as a designer it's a real pain dealing with non-designers.

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    If you talk about a Enterprise application such as SAP, Oracle Financials, etc., I do not think the web based front ends for these applications are designed on Dreamweaver, or any other HTML/Web application editor.


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