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    Problem with CF 7 Verity search

    When I browse to the verity page in CF administrator I get this message.

    Unable to retrieve collections from the Search Service.
    Please verify that the ColdFusion MX Search Server is installed and running.

    There isn't an option to add a collection and the 'Coldfusion MX 7 search server' is definately started and running in services.

    I can't see the Verity K2 menu option, under 'Data and services' either, can you tell me where abouts it is in CF admin? or how to install/ start it?

    Would a reinstall of CF fix it? If so what do I need to back up before I reinstall, will it wipe my webserver of my .cfm files?

    Any help much appreciated, I cannot find any solutions on the web.

    Thanks again

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    I am not sure about the technicalities but there is a prompt about Verity Search during the CF installation. I think it comes down to using those collections or not. Try reinstalling the CF and look carefully at the questions during the installation. It should fix your problem.


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