I just finished doing 2 smaller projects in php/mysql and was thinking about starting a bigger one. One of the sites that i maintain has a top 20 list of songs and another list of songs all in the real audio format. Each song has its corresponding fields title, artist etc....

I would like to create a system that the client would be able to use that would enable them to upload files to a mysql database(not sure how to do this) and then the *.ram file would need to be generated (is this possible using php). I need to create *.ram files because I do not have access to a real media server for streaming

There is some other things that I was considering as well such as keeping track of which songs have been listened to most and a vote feature etc... but I dont think those will be to difficult to do once I get the infrastructure down.

Any help on the issues of uploading to a database and creating *.ram files using php will be appreciated.