I've just been trying out the jquery jmaps plugin, which works quite well and is quite useful for generating maps on the fly with jquery. However, it seems to only accept latitude and longitude points as a starting point and not a search address.

I am returning a location based on clients ip address from a php script and then json encoding the response into 2 javascript variables which i then want to use as a starting point for my map.

this is the full code:

jQuery('#map1').jmap('init', {'mapType':'map','mapCenter':[37.4419, -122.1419],'mapZoom': 14, 'mapEnableType': true, 'mapShowjMapsIcon': false});

jQuery('#map1').jmap('SearchAddress', {
'query': jQuery('#address').val(),
'returnType': 'getLocations'
}, function(result, options) {

var valid = Mapifies.SearchCode(result.Status.code);
if (valid.success) {
jQuery.each(result.Placemark, function(i, point){
'pointLatLng':[point.Point.coordinates[1], point.Point.coordinates[0]],

jQuery('#map1').jmap('MoveTo', {
'mapCenter': [point.Point.coordinates[1], point.Point.coordinates[0]],
'mapZoom': 14,
'centerMethod': 'pan'


} else {
return false;


return false;


the above is fine if you have lat/lon, but i will only be able to give it something like london GB, for example.

I have tried the following to initialize the map:

jQuery('#map1').jmap('init', {'mapType':'map','searchAddress':{'query': "london, United Kingdom"}, 'mapZoom': 14, 'mapEnableType': true, 'mapShowjMapsIcon': false});

but that does not bring the map to the right location...

has anyone seen/got a similar problem with this or know what the issue is?