I followed this tutorial to install RoR on Mac OS X Leopard: http://danbenjamin.com/articles/2008...s-leopard#ruby

But I would like to use sqlite instead of MySQL. How can I install Sqlite to play nice with how this tutorial has set things up? Everything is installed to: /usr/local/src path it seems.

However, this is what I get when I do a "which sqlite3": /usr/bin/sqlite3

There is a prolem somewhere because when I try to follow 'hello world' app tutorial, and view it in browser it says: "no such file to load -- sqlite3"

"sqlite3 --version" command returns: 3.4.0

I am an absolute noobie to RoR and even new to Mac. Could someone advise me as to how I should get Sqlite setup to run with RoR that I have setup according to the above link?

Thank you