This is related to another thread I have in the flash forum but I thought I would ask here in a slightly different way. This works fine in Firefox on my Mac, I am only seeing it when I try to use IE on my PC.

I am using flash and you are able to call javascript within Flash. I have flash movies on each page and "back" buttons in those movies.
I am using actionscript syntax like
PHP Code:
back_btn.onRelease = function (){

This works great if just once, but if the page you go back to has a similar back button on it, it just appears to reload the same page.

My site is at - (then I click on picture link on bottom and on next page hit "back" it works and then I hit "back" again and it just seems to try to reload the current page even though my browser's back button works.)

Any help is beyond appreciated. (Otherwise I am going go have to redesign my site with the "back" button within the html instead of within the flash movie because that works fine.