i want to ask something because i am newby on databases!

i ve implemented a database and have inserted all the data.
but when inserting the new data from now on, i find wamp quite hard to
for example i want when inserting a record for a table and filing a
field that have associated with another one of another table , on the
mouse over, to displays me all the other values of the relative filed!
i am sorry for my bad english. For example
i have the table "question" and the table "unit".
there exists fields such unit.unitID , question.questionID , and
When filling the record for the table "question" , i want to pop-up
something like window to inform me wich are the available unit.unitIDs
and what name they have.

do you know some programm for doing that or i have to write php code??
thanx in andvance!