I have been building sites and emails for a number of years. No Rembrandt but OK.

This is embarrassing but I have invested about 8 hours in trying to align text left (yes really) in HTML emails sent to my test GMAIL, LIVE and YAHOO accounts. All text is centered! Like my worst nightmare. This only occurs when viewing these emails clients using IE7. I thought it was ONLY my IE7 but a couple of other tests proved it was a real issue.

All I am trying to do is center a table but left justify the text within that table. Unreal. Any use of the word center in the HTML to center the table affects the text.

I've tried <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><center> tags, <p> tags. Every single table cell is ALIGN="LEFT". I've tried using margins "auto" on the table (for Mozilla) and text-align center in the body for IE. I've tried in line styles, head tag styles ... you name it.

I've tried various DOCTYPES. I've tried changing the charset. I mean it's ridiculous.

The ONLY WAY I can left justify text viewing any of the web email clients in IE7 is to leave the table left aligned.

Any suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.