Sorry for the vague title but I have a couple of different questions.

#1- We are working on a new site that will have a number of unique sections such as real estate, business directory, restaurant guide these will all be database driven so I am wondering if I will need to use these sections together at certain points should I create a different DB for each section or have one big DB with many tables?

#2- In one of the DB's specifically restaurants I want to show that they offer certain services right now there are four, Kid friendly, live entertainment, take out, and gift certificates. now as I understand it to make the DB normal I should not put 4 additional fields in the restaurant table but rather create a separate table with the services then a third table that links the restaurants to the services, this is how I have it set up now, but I am wondering if it is a total DB sin to put the 4 fields in the restaurant table then have the application figure out what to do if the are flagged as true.

I am sure I will have other questions as I go but these are the two for now :-) Thanks for any help and if you need more info please let me know.