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    Need CMS where dynamic select/sort can be implemented

    I'm trying to build a site that showcases products, similar in style/layout to many CSS galleries, and from what I've seen, many of those types of sites use WordPress. Going that route seems pretty straightforward, but I don't think WordPress is able to (at least without a custom plug-in) do something I have planned.

    What I'm looking to do is allow users to filter products by a number of criteria without doing an advanced search. For example, a user could select a category, color, or price, then have the posts/products sorted either upon a page reload or via javascript.

    I found one site that has a close approximation of my goal - Sorry, I can't post links yet. (It's the horizontal navigation bar above the image thumbnails.)

    Does anybody know if something like this can be implemented in WordPress, or do I have to go with another CMS?

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    Could you not do this via tags in Wordpress?
    To do it via ajax may take some javascript work, but in theory it should be quite straight forward.


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