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    Is there a simple way to Redirect a link click-through using META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" and also be sure of getting logged as the referer domain at target server?

    Can it be done using "HTTP_REFERER" on the redirect web page? If so, what would the code line look like?

    Recently I placed a banner on my web pages with a link to another web page on my host server that auto redirects click-throughs to an affiliate partner site.

    Problem is that my site is not being logged as the reffering domain so I'm not getting commissions for sales. Partner suggested I use "HTTP_REFERER" - But I don't know how!

    All help will be greatly appreciated.

    John B.

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    you cant set the HTTP_REFERRER variable... the browsers set that ...

    and using a header() redirect wont cause it to change the HTTP_REFERRER ... so you would have to use the <META REFRESH .. in which case the page with the meta refresh will be considered the REFERER ...

    hope that helps

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