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    Dreamweaver and CS workflow?


    there is all this commercial what you can do with the CS.
    What i wonder about is how this preview stuff in Dreamweaver works.

    I mean if you got a CMS and you work on the template. There are all this CMS
    related parameters and variables who only work in the CMS. Also you have php
    and sql in there.

    Also for example there are stuff like the path to the stylesheet in the header.
    My stylesheet is on a other domain and integrated in different stylesheets.
    So i can not use a path like ../../some.css it is
    So its always taken from the web and i have to upload it after changes to see it in DW.

    How then can the preview work?

    Then you have to make changes in your CMS. Making settings, building categories and so on.
    How to know after one week playing arround local what you did bevor putting it live.

    Bevor lets say CMS or forum updates you should test it local bevore putting it live.
    Put in the testing time some stuff changes online.

    The other thing is, do i need something like XAMPP if i have Dreamweaver? Not only
    that htaccess does not really work in windows...

    There is the Bridge there is Lightroom...

    Ok, to make it short. I hope you know what i mean.
    How do manage all this workflow, updating, changing stuff.
    How do the big companys handle this all.
    How to have everything sync - local and online...

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    You really have to take the preview in Dreamweaver with a grain of salt. It is sometimes helpful for formatting because you can see what your doing, but it is at best, a supplementary tool. If you want to work on styling a certain feature in a CMS, you can copy the assembled source code for from a browser and copy it into a test page. You really shouldn't need to use the preview at all.


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