We use an amazing Ajax slideshow-like script called Glider.js to display a wide variety of content on our website. The script needs the prototype.js, effect.js and glider.js files to work. The script and classes work fine for images and text as you can see, but as soon as we insert our flv player in the code, in FF it slides on top of all the other content in the page.

An example of this behaviour can be found here. The player works fine and displays the clip, but when you slide the content using the numbers or the prev-next links ("vorige - volgende", it's in Dutch) at the bottom, the player does not disappear from the page but slides trough/over the other content.

And here's the crazy thing: this only happens in Firefox, buggy old IE6 and IE7 show no problem here. Could this be a problem with the JS, or is this a CSS issue I'm not aware of?

Code CSS:
/* AJAX demosystem */
div.scroller {        
    width: 570px; 
    height: 465px;
    overflow: hidden;
div.scroller div.section {     
    background: #F2F3F5;
div.scroller div.content {
    width: 10000px;
div.controls {
    float: left;
div.prevnext {
    float: right;
div.demotxt {
    float: left;
    margin-left: 10px;
    margin-right: 10px;
    text-align: left;

Any help would be highly appreciated.