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    Do you actually use BIGINT column?

    Not sure if it's a standard column in all database but in Mysql there is a BIGINT column capable of having a max integer value of 18,446,744,073,709,551,615. Now that's a huge number right there, 18 gazzillion cents!

    I was wondering do you actually use this column type? What sort of applications would use this huge amount of numeric storage? All I can think of is a search engine (like Google) probably uses this to store their index of web pages. Aside from that I think all other apps are just fine with the good ol' INT column which is capable of having a max value of 4,294,967,295, or is it too low in real world?

    On another note, maybe Myspace and the like could use BIGINT too, hmmm...

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    I don't use it. The only uses that I can think of would be for forum post id numbers, forum thread id numbers amd PM id numbers, but even then the forum would have to be a huge one.
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    I would recommend not using it unless you have numbers that actually are that big.

    Even where you hope that you may need to store numbers that big in the future you can always change the field type when (if) you start approaching the point where you need it and avoid the overheads of using the larger field until that time.
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    the only time i've seen it (legitimately) used is when some data was stored as a bit mask field. i ended up re-writing it as a one-to-many relationship anyway because i needed to be able to search those attributes efficiently.
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