I have been reading all the comments on this page regarding CMS but have a slightly different rationale that I'm working to. I have designed a site using PHP for a company which features a number of mini-sites within it, each one has different layouts as each one was designed with different departments of the company. Now they're asking for it to be CMS-based.

This is a slight problem as the different areas within the site have different designs yet they want people who access the CMS admin to be able to alter content accross the whole site. I am wondering if there is a package that might be able to help with this. The ones I have previously used revolve around a layout or theme that can be edited but I was wondering if there is maybe a way that I could for example take various elements of the CMS and link to it from my site. For instance, if there was a blog, I could then create a static link for the blog and then have a link to the blog on my page (maybe require_once blog.php, for example).

This is the only way I could think of doing this but having been looking at various CMS applications and this does not seem to be a feature. Does anyone have any suggestions?