I have just started to learn about PHP and MySQL, and Iīm trying to run a script collection to upload different file types to a server.

I have successfully created a database called "myFiles"
with a table called "myBlob" in mysql.exe

create database myFiles;
use myFiles;

create table myBlobs
blobId int auto_increment not null,
blobTitle varchar(50),
blobData longblob,
blobType varchar(50),
primary key(blobId),
unique id(blobId)

But I have a little problem.

Iīm using a IBM ThinkPad whith win2000 and IIS 5.0, PHP 4, MySQL. (I use PHPMyAdmin without problems)

When I try to store a file in the myFiles database, it doesnīt work. I canīt get furter than "You must enter both description and file" allthough I had done that.

I think itīs a problem whith my php settings, because I canīt find the temporary file that PHP should generate in c:\WINNT\TEMP

I have a ZIP file with info about PHP settings and database info, that I can send to anyone interested.

If itīs possible, I would be very thankful for assistance in this matter.