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    Are the majority of web design galleries rubbish?

    I think they are.

    ...and I have to honestly say, that the majority web design galleries don't have a clue about what they are showcasing.

    Most of these galleries aren't even run by designers: they are run by people who wish to make a profit via the ads that they run, and are simply posting "pretty" sites that are generally poor examples of what good design is about (e.g. all shine, no substance).

    Some may say that if I don't like them, I shouldn't visit them, but my peeve here is: People who are new to web design, or are looking for designers, will use these galleries as some sort of basis for their decisions - it would be the equivalent of buying a car based on a whim, or some uninformed person's recommendation.


    (The irony of this post is that our very work has been featured on these same web design galleries on numerous occasions... but when I skim through the rest of the sites showcased, I can't help but cringe.)
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