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    Title Attribute and Dropdown Menu Issue

    I have a Dropdown menu customized with CSS. In my html code, Wordpress by default adds the title attribute to all my navigation links.

    When I rollover a menu link and have my mouse come to a stop, the title tag appears.

    After that, when I move the mouse in any direction, the dropdown menu glitches and quickly reloads itself and the title attribute again. The same problem occurs in the dropdown portion of the menu except when I roll-off the list item, the cursor changes from pointer to standard

    I am getting this error in FF, but not in Safari

    Does anyone know any glitches related to the title attribute and FF? I would like to use the title attribute for SEO(**edit apparently titles on anchors have no effect on SEO) and usability purposes. When I remove the title tags, I never get the glitch problem. To remove the title attribute in Wordpress I would have to change core code as well which I would rather stay away from
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