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    Comment headers in style.css (WordPress theme stylesheet)

    Hi everyone,

    I am reading the Theme Development page and i'm at the part where they explain the anatomy of a theme specifically the Theme's Style Sheet section. I'm wondering on how to fill in the information on the comment headers in style.css ?

    For example:

    Theme Name: Rose
    Theme URI: the-theme's-homepage (I dont have this)
    Description: a-brief-description
    Author: your-name
    Author URI: your-URI(I dont have this too)
    Template: use-this-to-define-a-parent-theme--optional
    Version: a-number--optional
    General comments/License Statement if any.

    Do i leave fields that i dont have blank? Because i'm developing it on a local machine (WAMP).

    Thank you,
    Kenneth Jaysone Francis

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    Those are comments so that those using the theme can find your "source" site, if they want to download it again, update it, ask questions, etc.
    If you aren't going to host this theme anywhere (for only your own use?), then I would just leave these blank or put "N/A" there. They don't affect the style of the pages.

    AFAIK, WordPress uses the comment information on the "theme" ACP page, so if you are going to offer this for other's use, you should find someplace online to keep it. Maybe the WordPress site itself?


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