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    My Site is a mess

    I am making my first site and an I'm sure that anyone who does this professionally will throw up when they see how I've put this together.

    Although it looks right to me at the moment, I have a number of problems which are killing me.

    a) the shade of black I used for the background makes it all look seamless in Firefox but it Safari it makes the photos stand out.

    b) I want to center the website so that when you make the window smaller it moves with it.

    Oh god, and please go slow... I only saw code for the first time 4 days ago.

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    First of all, welcome to SitePoint Forums. I hope you learn a lot from this merry band of passionate people.

    However, I'm sorry to say that this type of request falls under one of our review categories. Please go to both the Design Elements forum and the Website Reviews forum and read the stickied posts there. You'll be able to read up and determine what you're looking for and also the rules which apply before a review can be made.

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