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    Suggest a programming language and dev. software

    Hi dudes,

    I've been out of the programming game for about a year now and have lost touch but I have to dive back into now. I figured this was the best place to start.

    I need to develop an online application for a surf school. Essentially, it has to have these basic functions

    - Add a client (amount of lessons, arrival date, departure date)
    - Remove a client
    - Add a lesson (date of lesson, start time, duration)
    - Remove a lesson
    - Calendar

    All this has to fit in a GUI calendar. The functionality goes like this:
    The coach add a client for 2 lessons. The client name appears in a little box beside the calendar. The coach then clicks and drags the clients box on the existing lesson in the calendar. One the coach has done it twice (Once for each lesson) the client box disappears.

    Now my questions are:
    - What language do you think would be suit this? Keep in mind that I want to develop this in the least amount of time as possible. (quick and dirty)
    - What aiding software or dev. packages would you suggest as well?

    Thanks alot!
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    You are probably looking at php or That's basically a religious war as to which is better. I prefer php. There are enough code samples and things around that you can probably get many of the pieces and then have to glue them together. I find that php is simpler to do that even though the development environment is drag and drop.

    If you are planning on doing multiple projects or making a living from programming then I would go the direction that most job openings are in your area. Here, the vast majority of advertised positions is .NET. Not much going on with php.

    There is a php extension to Eclipse that I believe is free (or at least very inexpensive.) I think ASP.NET has a free dev environment that you can download from Microsoft.

    I'd look into both if I were you and see which one makes the most sense to you. they are, in my opinion, very different from each other in terms of the way to develop applications.

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    What you need here is probably a CMS like Joomla or X-Cart.


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